Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Our inspiring professionals teach acting, singing and dancing in a safe, friendly environment to 4-18 year olds. Small groups ensure the talents of each child are recognised and nurtured. Classes are divided into the following age groups: 4-6years, 7-9years, 10-13years and 14-18years.


For 7-18 year olds lessons are structured in three hourly sessions. During the first hour one group learns to sing, the second to act and the third to dance. After each hour the groups rotate so that everyone has the opportunity to practice all three disciplines. For ages 4-6 it’s the same routine but in half hourly sessions so the total for them is only ninety minutes.


Our students face new challenges, make new friends, have lots of fun and leave each week with that all-important sense of achievement!


Through our connections with the industry we aim to bring guest teachers from London’s West End to work with our pupils on a regular basis. This will provide exciting opportunities for your child to experience the thrill of the performing arts from those at the very top of the profession..

For venues and times please see the Timetable

"We believe the skills gained from learning the performing arts give your child so much more than just a talent to perform. They are assets that enable them to grow as individuals and stay with them throughout their lives. Children refine abilities like discipline, communication and teamwork, whilst increasing their self confidence and creativity."

Peter Addis Co-Founder